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Webinar : facilitate M&V in compliance with IPMVP

EPCs, ISO 50001, white certificates, or simply a request of clients: the reasons to Measure & Verify savings precisely and in line with IPMVP guidelines are many and energy managers need more and more to provide guarantees and to prove ROI. During this webinar Denis Tanguay, the CEO of EVO, will share with you the […]

Webinar: ensure healthy buildings during and after COVID-19

Monitoring indoor air quality in real time gives the right insights to maintain healthy conditions Indoor Air quality is important and regulated by law. In a former article we already mentioned how in Belgium, a federal law entered into force last year to regulate indoor air quality standards. However, the current situation, is making it […]

How can ESCOs and facility management companies pursue their activities while protecting their workers and building tenants?

In these difficult times, we’re all going through, we sincerely hope that you and your families are well. If most of us are easily working from home, concerns were expressed by professionals who need to perform field interventions. Our commitment is to keep working with our partners to help them pursue their activities in the […]

Managing energy in multi-site businesses

Enhancing collaboration to reach higher objectives Corporate objectives in large corporations are more and more ambitious. They are either self-imposed or driven by rules and regulations. They are financial, environmental or linked to corporate brand image. Among them, we find: Reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions Optimizing the overall efficiency of the equipment (HVAC, heating, […]

CO2 and energy efficiency : what is the scenario?

CO2= P (people) x S (services per person) x E (energy per service) x C (CO2 per unit energy). This equation is probably not new to you. But what is really behind it? Let’s have a look at the first two data of the equation, People and Services : the current world population of 7.6 […]