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Our Smart Energy Management Platform is highly scalable and flexible. It adapts to energy efficiency projects in a variety of activity sectors

Public and Private Buildings

Buildings represent the greatest potential to save energy. Currently, 75% of the building stock is energy inefficient as they were built during periods with no, or minimal, energy-related standards. With Energis.Cloud, you make buildings even smarter: centralise and monitor all energy data onto one signe platform, activate alerts to detect inefficiencies immediately, automate optimisation schemes based on AI algorithms to improve performance in the long run and control devices remotely.


While energy may be a relatively small component of total operating costs, for many industries, it is probably the most manageable one. With Energis.Cloud you can for example improve heating systems performance, eliminate energy leakage from compressed air systems as soon as detected; be alerted if equipment is running at night or even implement rules to send commands automatically. Managing multiple sites is easy and the number of physical interventions is strogly reduced!


Renewable energies

Solar energy, hydro-power, … and even cogeneration are ways to autoproduce energy. Pooling energy resources and maximising their usage is one of the most efficient ways to reduce energy costs. With Energis.Cloud you are able to manage all aspects related to energy production and consumption in a comprehensive way: you maximise the use of renewable and autoproduced energy while you minimise consumption and costs.


Energy Performance Contracts

The most effective solution for transforming tertiary and industrial buildings is to set up an Energy Performance Contract (EPC).
Increasingly appreciated by the contractors, EPCs provide a concrete and effective response to their expectations in terms of energy savings. Our software operates in accordance with the IPMVP principles foreseen in the EPCs and allows thus to measure and verify the savings achieved with the utmost precision.

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