Our Partnership program will

Energise your business as much as ours!

Our partnership program has been designed to provide you with several advantages. These include support services, branding, software customisation, and much more!

We believe in a profitable partnership for everyone!

Thanks to our win-win-win partnership, stand out from the crowd and offer competitive advantages to your clients.

Energis.Cloud is a good choice

Your advantages as a Partner

Energis.Cloud covers the entire life cycle of energy efficiency projects. By using only one software, you are able to manage utility invoices of multiple sites, monitor energy consumption and production, take remote control of equipment, taking advantage of the most innovative and sophisticated technologies (such as AI, IoT and Big Data). You optimise the energy performance of multiple buildings and industrial sites in a centralised way.

In addition, you can count on a real partner, not a potential competitor, as we never sell to final customers.

Your clients expect a lot from you

End-users’ advantages

Your clients have clear objectives. With Energis.Cloud you help them comply to international standards and regulations such as ISO 50001, EPBD, EVO IPMVP  (important for EPCs) and ICP via certified project management & reporting system. Not only your customers have a clear view on their ROI, but they also have control over the energy consumption of multiple sites and their carbon footprint.

Stand out and impress your customers

Brand Energis.Cloud with your own logo!

We understand the importance of being able to brand the software with your own logo for your end customers. That is why we enable you to apply the branding of your company to the Energis Apps that are used by your end customers. We add your logo to every page visible to them followed by the phrase “powered by Energis.Cloud”. If you would like more information on this option, please contact us.


Your Logo


Your ADV banner


Your slogan and message


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Your Company colors


Mobile application

  • Energis with Energy2Save at Fructura fair trade

  • Energis with Energy2Save at Fructura fair trade

  • Energis and Ingenium’s conference on "EPC: how to manage Energy and comfort in Buildings"

  • Energis and Ingenium’s conference on "EPC: how to manage Energy and comfort in Buildings"

  • Energis and Ingenium’s conference on "EPC: how to manage Energy and comfort in Buildings"

  • Energis and TeenConsulting at Smart City Wallonia

  • Cluster Tweed: Energis and Teenconsulting present together "energy management in school buildings"

  • Cluster Tweed: Energis and Teenconsulting present together "energy management in school buildings"

A Profitable Partnership for everyone

Co-marketing: let’s team up!

We work together to implement lead generation programs

Organisations are increasingly concerned about reducing their energy bills and their carbon footprint. They are active in the sectors of hospitality, property management, retail, industry or public administration. These organisations often seek solutions they can implement on their own until they realise they need support and guidance from energy experts. Our goal is to ensure that our end customers do not waste time and money. Through our partnership program, they can easily find the right partner to make their energy efficiency project a success.

We promote our Certified Partners in our communications

We believe that your success is our success! That is why we offer our partners the chance to outline their successful case studies on our web page and on our social media. We organise events to promote our partners’ experience among end customers from different sectors. These include leisure & hospitality, retail, smart cities, property management, hospitals, etc.

You will benefit from personalised training and assistance

At Energis, we believe that each customer deserves personalised training according to the specific type of energy efficiency project. Thanks to our training, you will feel completely comfortable with the software and will easily be able to integrate it into all your projects. Even when the training period is over, you will still receive our support for any queries or technical concerns. You can always reach us via a dedicated platform that guarantees a quick and efficient solution.

Our Partners

They trust us

“Before Energis.Cloud, we were using excel files and we felt we needed to use an energy management system to make deeper analysis. We chose Energis.Cloud because we find it very intuitive. Also, it was very important for our EPC projects to be able to create IPMVP-compliant models”.

Matthias ZulianiEnergy Engineer at Ingenium

“The Energis.Cloud software stands out for its compatibility with the reality on the ground. It is a very open solution that allows you to take remote control of the various systems on site”.

Stéphane LeroyChief of Operations at Helexia France

“We are very happy to use Energis.Cloud. In only half a day we were trained to use it in an autonomous way and to integrate the data in the platform. It was very fast to start, and the connectors were developed in just a couple of days! We did a market study and met with competitors, and everything was going much slower!”

Vincent Kowalczyk CEO at Teenconsulting

“ Energis offers a very complete solution, combining software and hardware. This is a great advantage for energy experts who can benefit from an all-in-one package”.

Jan VirouxCEO at Ensys/Helexia Flanders

“The accuracy of the model is the highest possible and this is key in the market of EPC contracts; this provides Naturgy the possibility to offer Energy Performance Contracts to our final customers.”

Silvia Sanjoaquín VivesInnovation at Naturgy

Energis.Cloud is the Energy Management System that was chosen as part of a call for tender to enable the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to integrate an energy policy, with clear objectives and action plans according to the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard. The use of the monitoring system will make it possible to rapidly achieve energy savings of the order of 1 to 2% overall, without investment, solely on the basis of corrections of the operating drifts of the installations and observed wastes. This represents, for the 3,500 buildings of the Federation, several hundreds of thousands of euros of annual savings.

Christophe Madamhead of the Energy Unit within the FWB Ministry

Energis.Cloud allows us to visualise, monitor and optimise the comfort and energy consumption of our customers’ buildings. Whatever the data, and regardless of the source, mobile sensors or fixed installations, the information is reported on the platform and put at the disposal of our teams and customers, in real time.The flexibility of the platform makes it possible for the users to personalise and present the collected information in infinite ways. For all our staff, it is a pleasure to use this platform.

Maerevoet ValentinEnergy Manager at TEM

Becoming a Partner is easy!

How can I become a partner?

  • Start without investments, just invest in training! You will be able to master the platform and generate value for your customers in only a few days!
  • Don’t hesitate! Contact us.


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