Our Platform is highly scalable and flexible. It adapts to any energy efficiency project, from the most simple to the most complex ones.

Data is collected from a variety of sources: utility invoices in pdf format, csv files, HW, IoT, BMS, SCADA, weather services, DSO…

Our datalogger is agnostic and evolutive. It allows to monitor the flow of data in real time and to control devices remotely.

Artificial Intelligence

Create the Digital Twin of your buildings and sites thanks to unique AI algorithms. Based on data, you can identify and link all variables to make forecasts, to generate smart alerts and to measure savings precisely, according to IPMVP guidelines.

Customisation 360°

Build exactely what your customers need: dashboards, alerts, reports, automatic scheduling, real-time graphics, KPIs, virtual meters, etc. Thanks to our simple and powerful syntax you freely customise the platform by using your in-house formulas.

Open API

Keep control of your data. Energis.Cloud offers an open API which allows you, as a partner, to integrate the data onto external systems. Use your data to create the customised tool you need.

Ultra Flexible & Evolutive

Energis.cloud is a flexible and evolutive EMS platform that adapts to all your needs. Together, we design tailor-made solutions that perfectly suit your core business and that of your clients.


Type of users

At the end of Training, we will certify 1 Company Administrator (on request it is possible to have several ones). He has access to all the functionalities of the platform and can create two types of users:

  • Energy Managers who will have access to all the features of the platform excluding the administrative function.
  • Occupants: A visitor account, limited only to some dashboards, reports and anything else decided by the Company Administrator.

Data communication via Rest API


Direct data acquisition

Upload files in Energis.Cloud csv format or invoices in pdf format



Energis.Cloud is open to a variety of devices: BMS/SCADA – Weather services – DSO – IoT


RaspICY data logger

The family of Raspicy dataloggers have been designed to collect data in real-time from indoor and outdoor installations.

Discover the main features

Assets Inventory

Identify and store data that will be useful for successfully monitoring your managed sites.

Data Collection

Gain time and collect data automatically from a variety of sources.


Monitor in real time all energy-related data of single and multi-site organisations


Easily generate and send reports to the right people at the right time!

Smart Alerts

Activate Smart Alerts that will warn you when assets are underperforming compared to baseline.

Utility Invoice Digitisation

Digitise high volumes of utility invoices in just a few clicks

Data Quality Management

If data is missing or erroneous, use the models to complete and correct your detailed analysis.

Utility Invoices Verification

Implement the automated correctness check of high volumes of utility invoices and save up to 20 min./invoice!

IPMVP Modelling

Identify baselines for sites and equipment in accordance with the EVO IPMVP guidelines, in just a few clicks.


Accurately estimate consumption, costs and power generation.

Performance Monitoring

Implement continuous monitoring of the site’s performance to increase its energy efficiency.

Measurement & Verification

Demonstrate successful results and ROI to your end customers thanks to IPMVP-compliant calculations!

IoT And Big Data

Our platform uses IoT technology to collect and process big amounts of data

International Certifications and standards

Make sure to work in accordance with international certifications and standards (ISO 50001, ICP, EVO …) via certified project management and reporting tools

Remote Control

Reduce intervention costs and time by remotely sending commands to devices

Real-Time Data Flow

Our software controls the flow of data in real time and sends alerts in case anomalies are detected.

Public Dashboards

Enhance occupants’ engagement by showing them the impact of implemented actions

Rules Configuration

Based on your rules, commands are sent to the technical system on site to correct anomalies

Energis.Cloud is modular and flexible

A Complete Solution


Collect data directly from invoices in pdf format, analyse them and verify their correctness automatically. Manage an entire portfolio of buildings efficiently!


Collect data from a variety of sources, create KPIs, visualise the results through dynamic dashboards and report them to interested stakeholders


Improve energy performance and comfort continuously, thanks to AI-driven models. Measure and Verify savings using IPMVP-adherent models (Energis.Cloud identifies and uses the most relevant variables for each model).

Control &

Control devices remotely & automate the optimisation of energy performance according to thresholds, alerts and deviations from the baselines.

Discover our RaspICY data loggers

Our datalogger is fully integrated with Energis.Cloud and it allows to collect data and to control remote devices in a simple and secure way. Thanks to its integrated software, you can monitor the flow of incoming data in real time!