Performance Optimisation

Improve energy performance and comfort continuously, thanks to AI-driven models. Measure and Verify savings using IPMVP-adherent models: Energis.Cloud identifies and uses the most relevant variables for each model.

Estimate energy consumption and production accurately

Consumption is influenced by numerous factors, such as weather conditions and building occupation. Energis.Cloud uses unique and complex Artificial Intelligence algorithms that enable you to identify these factors and to link them to consumption, with great precision. Use the resulting baseline to generate smart alerts, to forecast consumption and production and to calculate the energy savings before and after the implementation of your projects, under same conditions. This guarantees the validation of your EPCs.

“The accuracy of the model is the highest possible and this is key in the market of EPC contracts; this provides Naturgy the possibility to offer Energy Performance Contracts to our final customers.”

Silvia Sanjoaquín VivesInnovation at Naturgy

IPMVP baselines

Data Quality Management

Smart alerts

Measurement & Verification

Risk Management: ensure ROI of your EPCs with our measurement and verification module

Demonstrating successful results and ROI to your final customers has never been so easy thanks to IPMVP-compliant calculations! Thanks to our M&V modules, you can determine the actual savings at your customer’s site with great precision, a key element in the EPC market.

The ability to easily and accurately calculate the savings obtained is a unique aspect of our technology. Savings are determined by comparing measured consumption before and after implementation of a project. And even when data is missing or incorrect, the models enable you to make the appropriate corrections and complete your detailed analysis and forecast (data quality management).

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Facilitate O&M through digital twins

Create digital twins of your buildings, equipment, industrial production lines or distributed generation units (e.g solar PV). By using digital twins, you can create smart alerts in case of a deviation from the expected consumption. It is possible to detect underperforming equipment and perform predictive maintenance. Further, you can estimate the production of your solar PV units depending on the weather conditions.

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Forecasting & budgeting

Forecast your consumption and production of energy and generate budgets. Utility contract negotiation and energy procurement activities become simpler and more accurate.

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Establish IPMVP-compliant baselines in just a few clicks

Thanks to its unique and complex artificial intelligence algorithms, Energis.Cloud is the only software on the market capable of identifying energy models in just a few clicks. Very important, it establishes the baselines in accordance with the 14 EVO IPMVP® and ASHRAE guidelines.

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Ready to boost energy performance with Artificial Intelligence?


Our solutions are modular and flexible

Why use several softwares when you can centralise all activities on Energis.Cloud?


Collect data directly from invoices in pdf format, analyse them and verify their correctness automatically. Manage an entire portfolio of buildings efficiently!


Collect data from a variety of sources, create KPIs, visualise the results through dynamic dashboards and report them to interested stakeholders

Control & Optimisation

Control devices remotely & automate the optimisation of energy performance according to thresholds, alerts and deviations from the baselines.