Control & Optimisation

Boost savings thanks to remote control & predefined rules!

Identify and correct consumption anomalies effortlessly

You manage multiple sites and your staff is often travelling in order to make corrective actions. Executing field operations takes a lot of time, money and effort? Not anymore! With Remote Control and Optimisation schemes, you optimise the energy performance of your customers’ sites remotely. Energis.Cloud revolutionises the way you work: you define the rules and the software acts on your behalf.

“The Energis.Cloud software stands out for its compatibility with the reality on the ground. It is a very open solution that allows you to take remote control of the various systems on site”

Stéphane LeroyChief of Operations at Helexia France

Automated commands

Remote control

Pre-defined rules

Generate higher savings and business value

Program Energis.Cloud according to your expertise. Based on your rules, the system generates automatic actions and sends commands to the technical system on site to optimise energy usage.

When you notice consumption peaks on your client’s site you usually need to send your technicians on site to turn off devices such as lights, heating system, airconditioning, or to change equipment settings. This increases intervention time and costs and you end up annoying your customers. By activating automatic optimisation and remote control, you are able to:

  • Stop immediately energy waste
  • Reduce intervention costs & time
  • Improve the service you offer to your customers.

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Enable a two-directional communication

Energis.Cloud is open to most networks and protocols and can be connected to devices easily.

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Discover our RaspICY data loggers

Our datalogger is fully integrated with Energis.Cloud and it allows to collect data and to control remote devices in a simple and secure way

Take your Energy offer to the next level!


Our solutions are modular and flexible

By adding the Control & Optimisation package to the other modules, you offer a unique service to your clients.

Invoice Verifier

Digitise, verify and analyse thousands of utility invoices automatically in just a few clicks.

Standard Analysis

Collect data automatically, organise and analyse energy measures, set alerts and send reports.

Advanced Analysis

Create baselines in accordance with IPMVP guidelines in just a few clicks and identify the optimal performance of buildings/sites

Control & Optimisation

Control devices remotely & automate the optimisation of energy performance according to thresholds, alerts and deviations from the baselines.