Energy Monitoring

Collect data from a variety of sources, create KPIs, visualise the results through dynamic dashboards and report them to interested stakeholders

We give you the tools to focus on your core business

Very easy to set up and to use, Energis.Cloud enables you to collect data automatically in different ways. Thanks to its Big Data and IoT technology, our platform processes all types and volumes of data in record response time. It collects and aggregates all types of multifluid data from heterogeneous sources: you can either upload files or connect existing devices using protocols and networks such as Sigfox, Lora, Modbus. The data collected can then be easily analysed to identify the sites and the equipment that consume the most and to take immediate corrective actions that will generate savings.

“We are very happy to use Energis.Cloud. In only half a day we were trained to use it in an autonomous way and to integrate the data in the platform. It was very fast to start, and the connectors were developed in just a couple of days! We did a market study and met with competitors, and everything was going much slower! ”

Vincent KowalczykCEO Teenconsulting

Collect data automatically

Identify Quick Wins

Emission monitoring

Flexible KPI builder

Interactive Dashboards

Once collected, the data is rendered via multi-level (site, zone, use, meter) and multi-role (energy manager, technician, management) dashboards, also allowing multiple users to interact on a variety of sites.

Thanks to clear, user-friendly dashboards, it is easy to track the energy performance of your sites and equipment. You can use various analysis views to quickly build personalised panels that enable you to benchmark, analyse, monitor and report the energy behaviour of the sites and equipment in real time.

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Dashboards Templates

Make and reuse dashboards for multiple assets

How annoying is it to create almost the same dashboards for all the sites you manage? Our platform has become very agile as we have designed dashboard templates. With dashboard templates, you can create a dashboard once and use it for as many assets as you like.

Dashboard templates will also help you manage large portfolios thanks to the tagging feature we implemented. You can simply filter your assets according to their country, region, equipment type, energy vector and more to visualise their energy performance in the dashboards.

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Generate Reports

Creating reports is as easy as creating dashboards! You can convert the dashboards into PDF reports by adding your logo and title with only one click.

You can schedule to send reports to the right people in the right time.

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Manage your Projects and Documents efficiently

To help you build a coherent energy project, we have developed a tool that allows you to easily upload and manage documents associated with your energy-related projects in a collaborative way. It allows you to:

  • Support your customers in the process of obtaining or maintaining ISO 50001 certification
  • Increase your productivity by automating part of the process, by centralising all documentation and by generating energy-related reports
  • Develop bankable energy projects in accordance with the ICP (Investor Confidence Protocol) guidelines
  • Make a proper follow-up of your EPCs

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Additional Features

Energy Assets Inventory

Identify and store data that will be useful for successfully monitoring your managed sites.

Tagging & Multi-site management

With tags, you easily manage and filter your assets. Work with a high number of sites and use them in just a few clicks


Use easy rules or complex algorithms to generate alerts. Define necessary corrective actions and document their results.

Flexible KPI Builder

Thanks to its simple and powerful syntax, Energis.Cloud allows you to create all kinds of indicators by simply using your in-house formulas ( even from Excel).

Data quality management

Be alerted automatically in case there is an interruption of data flow from your data sources (meters, dataloggers, sensors) or in case data is erroneous


You can compare your assets according to their energy performance.


You include your personalized energy saving action notes on your analysis views to follow their impact.

Integrated Weather Services

Thanks to integrated weather services, you can automatically include weather data in your analysis to make forecasting, weather normalization, heating degree days conversion and more.

Forget about Excel. Free up time for your clients!


Our solutions are modular and flexible
Customise the software to your specific needs


Collect data directly from invoices in pdf format, analyse them and verify their correctness automatically. Manage an entire portfolio of buildings efficiently!

Performance Optimisation

Improve energy performance and comfort continuously, thanks to AI-driven models. Measure and Verify savings using IPMVP-adherent models (Energis.Cloud identifies and uses the most relevant variables for each model).

Control & Optimisation

Control devices remotely & automate the optimisation of energy performance according to thresholds, alerts and deviations from the baselines.