Managing energy in multi-site businesses

Enhancing collaboration to reach higher objectives

Corporate objectives in large corporations are more and more ambitious. They are either self-imposed or driven by rules and regulations. They are financial, environmental or linked to corporate brand image. Among them, we find:

  • Reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • Optimizing the overall efficiency of the equipment (HVAC, heating, cooling systems, lighting, etc.)
  • Benchmarking the entire portfolio based on energy costs (water, gas and electricity) in order to identify underperforming ones
  • Implementing an ISO 50001 management system
  • Implementing a CSR management system (Corporate social responsibility)
  • Complying to local rules and regulations through environmental reporting
  • optimising energy supplier contracts
  • Introducing local PV production

Reaching such objectives in multi-site businesses is even more complex due to the high number of sites to manage and the number of people involved. Energy managers have certainly a central role but they are not the only ones working to keep under control energy expenses. Facility managers, energy procurement managers, sustainability managers, portfolio managers… and even accounting managers, they are each in charge of a specific aspect linked to energy. Enhancing their collaboration, strongly contributes to achieving greater corporate objectives.

Keep your corporate objectives centralised and enable teams to coordinate their tasks

By working in a collaborative way, you ensure that corporate objectives are managed in a comprehensive way:

  • All teams are aware of the impact of all the actions taken
  • No duplicate tasks are performed by two teams
  • Data, analysis and reports are shared efficiently among the teams
  • Inefficient manual tasks such as utility bill management are automated allowing people to focus on more value-added tasks.

Energis.Cloud in short

Energis.Cloud is a collaborative platform that enables energy managers, facility managers, sustainability managers, portfolio managers, procurement managers and accountancy managers to make informed and impactful decisions in order to keep under control energy expenses and CO2 emissions in compliance with current rules and regulations. The platform is flexible, easy to use and complete. From utility bill management, to monitoring solutions and energy performance optimisation, it adapts to the needs of each team and allows them to work in a centralised and cost-effective way.

  1. Utility Bill management:
    • digitise high volumes of utility bills and verify their correctness
    • Use the data extracted from the invoices to benchmark multiple sites and identify the underperforming ones
    • Optimise energy contracts based on real consumption
  2. Monitoring solutions:
    • Monitor energy consumption and identify quickly energy wastes thanks to alarms
    • maximise the use of the local PV production
    • Follow-up the results and report them to the right person at the right time and in the right format
  3. Optimisation of energy performance:
    • perform predictive maintenance and avoid equipment failures and wastes by using consumption models
    • react faster and avoid wastes by taking remote control of equipment

To know more about the solutions we put in place in multi-site businesses download our brochure.

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