Manage your energy and environmental objectives in an efficient way

Climate change has impacted the way we act in respect to natural resources. Authorities are setting higher and higher targets to achieve carbon neutrality. As a result, organisations have to build strong ESG strategies (Environment, Social and Governance) and reports that communicate about their Corporate Social Responsibility and all the achievements and progress made year after year. We can help you track and report on the annual reduction for energy, CO2, water consumption, and costs in a collaborative and efficient way.


We help Sustainability managers make informed decisions to achieve their objectives

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Identify non-intuitive savings opportunities

Follow-up on relevant KPIs to address changing regulations

Build impactful CSR reports

Identify non-intuitive savings opportunities that will allow you to achieve CSR objectives

In order to reach the objectives and deadlines of your ESG strategy, you work with a multidisciplinary team and you need to collect the right data from the right people at the right time.

Energis.Cloud helps to manage all energy and environmental aspects in a centralised and collaborative way. Make informed decisions based on data collected and rendered on clear graphics that allow you to identify non-intuitive savings opportunities that will contribute to achieving your CSR objectives.

Easily address ever changing regulations & follow-up on progress made in real time