Guarantee the well-being and comfort of occupants at the lowest energy costs

Offices, hotels, schools, but also hospitals, airports, supermarkets: from the simplest configurations, to the most complex ones, you need to guarantee the well-being and comfort of occupants at the lowest energy costs. We can help you do that!


We help identify non-intuitive savings opportunities in Tertiary buildings

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Easily Manage energy in multiple sites

Identify priority actions that will generate savings

Dig into the energy usage to exploit extra savings opportunities

Easily manage energy in multiple sites

Making informed decisions when managing several hundreds of buildings requires that all data is centralised and analysed efficiently: from utility bills, to metering data, Energis.Cloud enables you to have a clear overview of the situation:

  • Benchmark all buildings based on kWh/m²
  • Benchmark the whole portfolio based on objectives that need to be reached for each building
  • Identify the underperforming buildings that need to be optimised in priority

Identify priority actions that will generate savings

With the 10 or 15 minute points, it is already possible to identify remarkable savings opportunities:

  • Identify when there are unnecessary consumption (eg evening, w-e)
  • Identify if some equipment is consuming when not in use, eg. when everything is off but there is still a basic consumption due to some equipment
  • We can identify sudden consumption peaks, which can cause penalties: you can intervene to spread them over time

Dig into the energy usage to exploit extra savings opportunities

In buildings, energy flows from the main meter or local production units to zones and different equipment such as HVAC systems, lighting, electric vehicles charging points. Digging into this energy usage, allows to identify extra savings opportunities (using meters or submeters ):

  • Visualise clearly the energy usage and the energy flowing in the building in order to identify and quantify the biggest energy transfers and the losses
  • Monitor and optimise energy performance of equipment by means of AI models that enable a continuous optimisation of the energy performance

Utility Bill Management

Utility bills have a great value if managed properly. With Energis.Cloud you can extract the data (EAN meter, readings, etc.) directly from the electronic PDF or scanned PDF of the invoices in order to perform a number of analysis:

  • Benchmark & analyse multiple sites in seconds: reconstruct monthly costs and consumption for each site, check if the consumption values are in line with the monitoring results, generate alerts in case of over consumption, use the data in order to forecast and budget energy consumption and optimise energy supply contracts.
  • Correctness check: automatically detect mistakes by verifying the correctness of the contract conditions, the market regulations (transport, distribution, taxes) or the DSO input .

Monitor and Optimise energy performance, comfort and air quality in tertiary buildings

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Energis.Cloud was chosen as part of a call for tender to enable the 3,500 buildings of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to integrate an energy policy, with clear objectives and action plans according to the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard. Reference consumptions as well as energy performance indicators (EPI) are also integrated in the system. The monitoring system will make it possible to rapidly achieve energy savings that represent several hundreds of thousands of euros of annual savings.

Christophe Madam

head of the Energy Unit within the FWB Ministry

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