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For a brewery company in Cameroon, our partner Energenic implemented a series of actions which, thanks to their know-how combined with Energis technologies, allowed them to monitor and improve the energy management of the different production lines and to evaluate energy costs and inefficiencies. Moreover, thanks to the remote control and automation of actions on the equipment, it was possible to avoid breakdowns and interruptions by optimizing the production line, thus considerably reducing consumption.

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The Objectives

The main objectives are implementation of the Energy Management Software which facilitates identification of energy savings and applying corrective actions in the below areas:

The Strategy

The following actions were put in place:

  • Installation of measurement devices (electricity, compressed air, water, CO2, …)
  • Implementation of an integrated measurement architecture via the communication protocols such as Modbus RTU and/or Modbus TCP, LORA.
  • Collection and centralization of all energy data via the RaspICY data logger.
  • Processing and analysis of energy data via the Energis.Cloud platform customized on behalf of EMIS.
  • Development of large-scale energy efficiency projects using simple multi-site management and energy modeling tools.
  • Measurement & verification of energy savings and investments thanks to the IPMVP.

Once we collect data via Raspicy, we transfer it to the Energis.Cloud platform which allows us to do the processing and analysis we want. This helps us to detect energy drifts, but also to guide the development of energy performance projects in which customers are very interested. The Energis.Cloud platform helped us enormously to develop the entire IPMVP part. This protocol allows us to calculate the energy savings we make during the year and also to follow these based on the energy models that Energis.Cloud allows us to develop.

Christian Nolla

CEO, Energenic

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