How digital solutions can help manage indoor air quality during and after COVID-19

White paper 

Based current knowledge on coronavirus transmission routes, it is recommended to renew the air and ensure good ventilation in order to remove virus particles and to prevent their accumulation in buildings. But, how can we ensure that the ventilation in place is effective?

How can digital solutions help manage indoor air quality in buildings and assess if ventilation is effective?

In the current context of COVID-19, monitoring the performance and effectiveness of the ventilation is fundamental. The role of digital solutions is crucial as they allow facility and building managers to understand the data measured in a given context, putting it in a historical perspective and taking into account a number of variables, such as the occupation of the building. 

Digital solutions help facility and building managers take the right actions using the right information at the right time. They provide insights in two aspects:

  1. Comfort and Air quality: this parameter is measured via the concentration of CO2 in the air
  2. Performance of equipment such as ventilation systems: how effective is the ventilation system?

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