Webinar “Generate savings by digitising utility invoices”

Every month, you process and check hundreds, thousands of utility invoices, manually. Not only it takes time, but the risk of committing errors is high. By digitising your utility invoices you can automate this manual process.

It enables you to:

  • eliminate the risk of committing manual errors 
  • save time
  • create opportunities to generate savings.

Curious to know how?

Oğuz Kıranlar & Federico Stradi will guide you through the main steps you should follow to generate benefits through your utility invoices.

  1. The needs of the market :
    • the state of art of utility invoice management (manual extraction/digitised formats from the supplier)
    • Cons of this method
  2. The solution: Automated Digitisation by bulks
    • What do we mean by digitisation?
    • Which information are we able to extract?
  3. Advantages and opportunities 
    • What can you do with digitisation?
      • Automatic correctness check
      • Costs and consumption management
      • Identify anomalies
      • Invoice accounting
      • Utility Invoice Data further analysed within the EMS to generate savings
  4. Case Study – we will show you how an organisation active in the Banking sector benefitted from using the utility invoice digitisation.
  5. Practical demonstration :
    • Uploading an invoice
    • Digitisation process
    • Cost and consumption analysis
  6. Q&A

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