The project started in September 2019. Paperdì needed to monitor and improve the energy management of several production lines of the paper production plant, to obtain the “energivori” qualification¹ and to evaluate production costs and inefficiencies, with an overall consumption view of the offices. The energy audit is a procedure aimed at defining precisely the energy consumption profile of a plant. The purpose of the diagnosis is to identify the opportunities for energy savings and the parameters for monitoring the results of the efficiency measures.

  1. In Italy, all energy-intensive companies called «energivori» and registered in the CSEA list (Fund for energy and environmental services) are obliged to carry out the energy audit according to the dictates of Legislative Decree 102/2014 and can benefit from public incentives.
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The Objectives

The objectives of the project are mainly four:

The Strategy

To achieve the objectives, EPS staged 3 different phases:

  • Putting in place a monitoring infrastructure: after the energy audit, all the meters were connected to Energis.Cloud via the RaspICY Data Logger in order to have real-time data, including energy consumption, power and operating hours. Alerts have been set-up for each data stream to ensure data quality. 
  • Defining the KPIs: thanks to the syntax formula of Energis.Cloud, EPS converted the collected data into the KPIs needed to analyse the efficiency of the production lines and act when needed via industrial revamping.
  • Creating custom dashboards: to present the state-of-art of the building and the savings achieved, EPS created some dashboards for the client to follow progress in real time.

Thanks to the partnership with Energis Cloud services, EPS is able to provide an efficient and robust energy monitoring service at the same time. This translates into significant advantages for our Customer, who receives a high-profile, Smart and flexible quality of service based on the real energy efficiency needs of the context. In this way we have a real-time knowledge of the company’s energy consumption profile and therefore of the actual actions to be taken to achieve Energy Saving objectives.

Giuseppe Zannelli

Energy manager, EPS engineering

The Solution

The data is collected automatically from 33 meters with one RaspICY Datalogger. Using the Raspicy data logger ensures the data quality and provides a local buffering to overcome any connectivity issues. These data are combined with manually imported data related to production values. From these, a number of KPIs are computed and visualised on dashboards to analyse the performance of the production process and to measure the costs of the different processes.

Dashboards are used to provide an always-updated view of the “state of art” of the factory building, offices and the details of the production lines.

Alerts are set up to detect missing data that can be caused by a communication interruption or meter’s malfunctioning.

Documents are uploaded in the platform to centralise all the information and the work done on-site, which allows the client to easily access and view them. Documents, dashboards and alerts are all in the range of one single click.

Following custom KPIs and Energy indicators (EPIs) for consumption and cost analysis

A number of KPIs and EPIs must be calculated and reported to improve energy performance and to comply with the norms. Thanks to the monitoring system and the formula syntax built within Energis.Cloud, EPS automatically calculates the necessary KPIs and EPIs. The data coming from the various devices are organized by different purposes (Production, Auxiliary Services, General Services) to be analysed accordingly and, lastly, to provide an overview of the state-of-art of the energy performances of the site.

Full Power Analysis of heterogeneous devices to avoid penalties and over-consumptions

The monitoring system allows deeper analysis on the data collected from heterogeneous devices. A full power analysis is made to ensure the right behavior of every device monitored and to improve the effectiveness of these devices in energy efficiency and avoid peaks and, consequently, over consumptions and penalties. Thanks to Energis.Cloud analysis it was possible to avoid about 1500€ per month in power peaks penalties.

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